How to choose your Electric Rise and Recliner Chair


First you need to select the style of chair that is going to best suit your needs, be it a waterfall back, which is one of the most popular styles, as the cushions will offer softness. Each cushion can be individually adjusted and also the stuffing added or removed from the cushions for your personal comfort. This is just one example you will see many other styles on the web site too.

Action This is the mechanism that allows the chair to adjust and move and raise you, the various types are briefly described below.
1. Single Motor Tilt in Space. This action allows the chair to recline and raise the footboard at the same time, but without altering the angle of the backrest. It also allows the feet and ankles to be elevated above hip height. This is a very important feature as it helps people with swollen legs and ankles to reduce swelling. This action also allows the user when reclined to have a clear vision around the room still.
2. Single Motor Wall-Hugger. This action reclines smoothly with the single motor moving the chair forward as the back reclines. This enables the chair to be placed as close as 3 inches (75mm) to the wall.
3. Dual Motor Standard. This action allows independent control of the footboard and the back of the chair. So you can sit upright and raise you legs to horizontal. Then adjust the angle of the back rest.
4. Dual Motor Tilt in Space. This action has all the benefits of The Single Motor Tilt In Space action, with the added benefits that the second motor allows the backrest angle to be adjusted. So you can recline in comfort with no shear action then adjust the back rest for maximum comfort.

The features and benefits are really to be fully appreciated with a demonstration you can contact us to book a demonstration at our show room with on of our trained and experienced Riser Recliner Chair Advisors.

Chair Sizes and Dimensions

For most people using our chairs they will be spending a long time sitting, and it is most important to be comfortable in chair that fits you correctly. (After all you would not buy a pair of shoes that do not fit would you?) So take a little time with us in choosing the right chair for your needs.

Our chairs can be made in various widths, seat heights, seat depths and to take users of most weights.

As independent living specialists we can make sure that you chair is a perfect fit prior to purchase.


We are able to offer a vast range of Standard Upholstery Fabrics and contrasts as on the chair illustrated; also available are Leather, Faux Leather and Ultra Leather to match your home décor. Specialist fabrics are available such as waterproof breathable MRSA resistant Panvelle type materials, vinyl’s etc for more specialist applications.

Please ask at our show room for more details.

Chair Optional Extras and Accessories

On our made to order chairs we are able to offer the following:
Massage 6 or 10 Point systems
Heat System
Wooden Arm Knuckles
Head Pillows
Arm Caps (made to match your chair fabric)
Head Cover (made to match your chair fabric)
Pressure Care Seating
Removable Seat for pressure care
Duvet Style removable seat
Side Transfer Arms swing removable or lift

Quick Availability Chairs

We supply a range of off the shelf chairs such as our Brecon or Aberdare ranges in a limited choice of 4 fabrics, in 3 sizes, and 3 Actions ie. Single Motor Tilt in Space, Standard Dual Motor and Dual Motor Tilt in Space all for fast local delivery